Hello Sunshine Souls! 

This quote really spoke to me and my life, I feel like I could always be farther in life than I am. I could be done with school, I could be further along with my buiness, I could be more organized, I could have done this differently or gone after that already. I have such high expectations for myself, that I have to constantly remind myself to stop looking at myself and my life with disdain due to what I believe my life should look like. I am a planner, and I live through my planner, so when I look up from my life and realize that i'm not were I planned to be, I become frustarted and saddened. 

So this quote is kind of a mantra for me when I feel that I haven't done enough, traveled far enough, or experinced enough. I yoga breath my way through the moment and accept the fact that, I may not have gotten to what I had planned for myself, but I have done so many other things, that have made me who I am today. 

To ensure that I celebrate my life on a daily basis, everyday I try to acknowledge and enjoy something everyday that I really love. This past week it has been the Sunrise, I try to go for a walk and be surrounded by trees while the pink sky turns into a sunny blue. I once read that you should try to enjoy the sunrise and sunset, well since the time change last week, I am in a classroom for the sunset. Therefore I really make an effort to doubly enjoy the sunrise.  

Well I hope this quote speask to you and helps you enjoy your life, and the path that you are on at the moment. 


P.S: I don't own the rights to the quote, I'm merely borrowing it.