So let's talk about Sundays...the day that makes my brain want top shut down, due to pulsing red (at least they pluse red in my mind) impending deadlines. A while back I decided that I was tired of wasting my Sundays hiding from everything to come the next week, and I just needed to get ahead of the week so that I could breath easier. Well turns out that this one choice of using Sundays to get work finished, freed up so much of my brain space for the upcoming week. Allowing me to not only sleep easier (happy dance), but allowed me to fit so much more into my week. I could create more items that weren't my 'planned items' for the week, and this is exciting for me due to having a very strict schedule that I must follow in order to get everything completed in my life. I have come to schedule my life in to a planner that if lost, all hell would break loose and it might result in me running down the street naked chased by a roaring fire od deadlines and forgot plans...OK, I know a little dramtic but you get my point.  

Now my Sundays are not by any means a nonstop work day, that is filled with no makeup and not enough time. Rather I try to work up a hand full of blog posts, social media garb, and shop updates. Then I finish my homework for the upcoming week, because I am a full time student (super fun *eye roll*). After I can cross these things off my To Do's list, in my handy dandy planner (no joke, I take it everywhere with me); I usually go have some fun. I relax, recharge, and drink lots of water, because by the time the relaxing part of my day comes I have had nothing but 11 cups off coffee and lets be honest a candy bar or two. I love to be outdoors enjoying the weather, I love book stores, I love shopping and great coffee; so I pick somthing to do and I reward myself with it on Sunday afternoons. A trip to target, a long walk in downtown Turlock enjoying the brick and mortar shops, or a hike. I need to refuel my inspirations for the upcoming week and these things bring me great joy and tons of Big Magic ( A book you need to read!) ideas. Such as the Necklace pictured above, the idea came to me on a wednesday afternoon after looking through photos of vintage shop signs, I had oggled at the Sunday before.

What do you do to realx? Do you do it often enough to truly enjoy it or is it a few and far between thing? I'll be sharing more of my upcoming adventures in the weeks to come. 

xx- Fall

ps: Walgreens has the best planners!