Well Hello, Hello!

So I would like to explain that although here at FreeFallingCreations (FFC) we love our jewelry, our blog is not just about jewelry! Rather life, inspirations, goals, musings, and insights. I think creativity is a great thing to have, but I also don't believe it is practical to believe it just waits around for you to decide you want to use it! Instead I think it needs to be fed in order for it to stick around, even if it just a small doodle for the day. I'm not sure about you, but feeding my creativity always brings a smile to my face! 

Therefore this blog is more about creativity and creativity in everyday life. Whether that means looking up through the tree leaves to find a perfectly beauitful spotted sky to take a picture of, or to fully complete your inspired ideas for the day! 

Octobers schedule is going to be fun with weekly post's: 

Monday's all about Soul Intentions 

Wednesday's diving head first into weekly Insights

Friday's surrounded by Musing's for new ideas

Saturday's we will be playing with Mystical Minerals 

Sunday's we will be sharing Inspirations 

& on the off days (Tuesday's/Thursday's) you can tune into my Instagram and Facebook Live Videos @FreeFallingCreations. 

AND REMEMBER ... It is offically Fall, So Ladies break out those seethrough leggings and wear them proudly :) - Fall