My kitty Jiva playing with the gold chain.

In the process of stamping

Silver Bar Un Stamped



This week in the shop we have many new items, however our featured item of the week is our Custom Hand Stamped Bar Necklaces. You get to choose between two different sized bars, one a little over 1 inch and the next size up 1.75 inches, so you can request anything you would like the bar to say. The necklace comes in two colors silver and gold, hanging on an 18inch chain with a 3.5 inch chain extender. I went with the saying, "Wander &" handstamped on my gold bar because I love to wander and I'm excited for what life has to bring.

Our Promotion for the week involves our lovely Custom Hand Stamped Bar Necklace is new and the feature Jewelry item this week, it is discounted to $17 until Sunday, October 1! With free national shipping as always! 

And Rememebr...To take the gentel path with all things, unless there is coffee involved and in that you can't be blamed for your actions before it is consumed. :) -Fall