Once a year the world says hello to Fall, as it kisses summer goodbye. Well for the first time Fall is saying HI back, however not with orange leaves and mass produced pumkin flavored sweets; rather I come adorned with handcrafted jewelry, dark ivy green eyes and probably a panera chai tea latte in hand.

At a strong 22 years old, I stand with my heart on my sleeve and acknowledge I am a complicated soul. I am flawed, learning, and excitedly growing. I love all music, and yes if we are ever in the same car, you can put any genera of music on and I will still know every word to every song. I love to go out dancing, but lets face facts going to a nightclub and trying to sway suducivly to the hypercharged music playing is so not going to happen...my name is Fall and I am every bit of clumsy as the name would imply. I have a voice regularly described as a cartoon, and my heart lives deep in the forest. Where the rain can reach me and I can look up at the large old trees and breath deeply. I find my creativity is super charged when I am surrounded in what is naturally made.

I started FreeFallingCreations (my handcrafted jewelry biz) with high hopes, and lot of beads. I have been making jewelry as a hobby since I was 3. My mother taught me my shapes and colors with those animal shapped palstic beads. Thankfully, I have learned a lot since then and have given up the thick hard plastic beads. I make jewelry because it soothes my soul, and I hand it to the world in hopes that each piece brings beauty to someones hectic work day, crazy school schedule, or a smile at a wedding. You will find my dreamed up creations nestled into a spot in the shop section patently waiting for their forever homes.